Thursday, February 9, 2017

Giving a Gift from the Heart

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Two days ago my wife and I visited her grandmother in the hospital.  Grandma is such a sweet lady and I love visits with her.  The pint of blood she was receiving combined with our energy perked her right up.  There are many people that need blood every day for many reasons.  Odds are, you or I are going to need someone else's blood one day.   

I just want to let you know about a blood drive that I host at Washington Church of Christ annually around Valentine's Day. It turns out my blood is pretty rare and helps a specific group of people best. I never knew it till I gave with the Indiana Blood Center. So here we are, getting ready for a new opportunity to "Give from the Heart". I would love to have you give as well. I personally guarantee good snacks! (I also take requests!) You can sign up for a time slot at

P.s. I made the flyer from scratch in photoshop. Let me know if you want the template for your own blood drive!