Thursday, March 19, 2020

Tennessee Covid-19 Map Update March 31st

**Notice** Topher has chosen to reinvest his time into organizing volunteer chainsaw cleanup around White County following the storm damage from March 29th.  Other local news outlets are finally beginning to create county by county maps for Tennessee, so this map of data and Topher's time investment is no longer needed.  Thank you for understanding.

Tuesday, March 31st
3/31 Tennessee Updates - 2389 Positives - 23 Deaths - 121 Recoveries
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Good evening Tennessee friends. I apologize for missing Sunday & Monday with map updates. We were a little "under the weather" from storm damage in White County and I've been busy directing cleanup crews. In White County, we picked up our 2nd case today, which I take to mean we've done a good job of social distancing with only one more case showing up after 6 days. Again on the maps, it is our larger metropolitan areas and younger ages seeing the struggle with coronavirus spread.  Keep praying, loving, and distancing. #flattenthecurve #coronavirusTN #TNcoronavirus #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Covid19TN

3/28 Tennessee Updates -1512 positives - 7 deaths
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Good afternoon Tennessee friends.  Here's the latest map update combining News Channel 5 stats with the Tennessee Health Department posting. The good news is, our rural counties are not growing at an exponential rate yet. The bad news is, our metropolitan areas definitely are.  We saw 6 new counties added to the map for a positive case: Carter, Decatur, Hardeman, Trousdale, Union, and Weakley. Thirty-one counties have yet to see a positive test result.  From the stats, metropolitan areas and the 21-30 age range need the most help and prayer in limiting the spread. Keep loving, encouraging, and helping your neighbor as we distance to #flattenthecurve.
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Animated TN Coronavirus Map from March 19th - March 27th
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Friday, March 27th
3/27 Tennessee Updates - 1321 Positives - 6 Deaths
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Big thanks goes to News Channel 5 (@NC5) and Fox 17 News (@FOXNashville) for staying on top of these numbers. The good news is, we only added one new county to the list today, Smith County. We still have 37 counties with no positive test and 28 other counties who did not increase today. I used Excel to calculate the exponential equation today, and I can tell you that I'm concerned about the future of this virus in Tennessee. My new column "#increase Per Day" illustrates my concern about the exponential equation. I do agree with major media, we need to do more to #flattenthecurve, especially in major metropolitan areas and among the 21-30 year old demographic.  Friends and neighbors, keep loving, praying, helping, and social distancing.
#coronavirusTN #TNcoronavirus #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Covid19TN

3/26 Tennessee Updates - 1098 Positives - 3 Deaths
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First, thank you to all those who are working hard to #flattenthecurve.  Being connected to people who are in community leadership, essential services, and the medical field, I hear and witness how hard everyone is working in these unprecedented times. Keep working hard and finding solutions. Today's map adds a grid pattern to those counties that 3 counties that experienced a loss of life. May God bless us all as we continue to social distance and serve.
#coronavirusTN #TNcoronavirus #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Covid19TN

3/25 Tennessee Updates - 906 Positives - 3 Deaths
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Well, today was a little disappointing as our county, White County, saw its first case. Of course, that doesn't change anything because we still need to continue social distancing and common sense hygiene.  Tennessee saw one more death added today and four more counties with positives.  No counties decreased in number of positives. The good news is, we do have 42 counties with on positive tests and Weakley county that was removed from the list yesterday.  Again, News Channel 5 had more updated information than the TN State Health Department, so I used the higher number for this spreadsheet. Let's keep working to #flattenthecurve .
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3/24 Tennessee Updates - 773 Positives - 2 Deaths
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The State Health Department and local news sources do not match by 3:30pm today.  I am posting my map and graph with the higher numbers based on News Channel 5, which appears to be the updated resource.  We do have some positives today.  No more deaths were recorded and only 4 counties were added to the list. Weakley county was removed from the list today showing no cases! Hamblen, Hamilton, Perry, and Scott all showed reductions too.  Keeping working to #flattenthecurve .
#coronavirusTN #TNcoronavirus #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Covid19TN

3/23 Tennessee Updates - 615 Positives - 2 Deaths
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We do have some positives going on in the map and graphs today.  Williamson County's color lightened a little and some other counties saw their numbers decrease today. I'm unsure if those are recovered cases or if positives were redistributed to different county locations based on residence. The best news is, for the second day in a row our curve has been flattening slightly in TN!  We also saw no other deaths added today, which is a big deal. Let's continue to #flattenthecurve . #coronavirusTN #TNcoronavirus #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Covid19TN

3/22 Tennessee Updates - 505 Positives - 2 Deaths
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TN Covid-19 Map is updated with Sunday 3/22 afternoon info. I suspect there was a little less reporting with today being a Sunday, but we're gonna look for the positives anyway. Our case number curve was not as steep today as it was yesterday; hopefully that curve flattens out more soon. Tennessee has only seen two deaths, which is at a 00.40% rate, or 4 out of 1000 positive cases. By comparison, Italy's sad numbers for today were 59,138 positives with 5,476 deaths at a 9.26% death rate (93 deaths per 1000 positives). The second death in TN reportedly from Vanderbilt Hospital this weekend. Yet, it spite of tragedy, we continue to hear messages of hope and testaments of good will. As always, keep loving, encouraging, and serving your neighbors.

371 Cases - 1 Death - 3/21 Tennessee Updates
Data is updated between 3-4pm each day. 

228 Cases - 3/20 Tennessee Updates
Data is updated between 3-4pm each day.

 154 Cases - 3/19 Mobile friendly Graphic.

154 Cases - Map & Spreadsheet updated on 3/19 from newest 3/19 TN data.

99 Cases - Map & Spreadsheet updated from 3/18 TN data.

Hello Neighbors, I’m just a Tennessee boy, born and raised in Rutherford County.  I was honored to teach high school math in Davidson and Sumner Counties, which means I enjoy fiddling with numbers and data. After struggling in my search to find a map and graph combo illustrating what I was looking for in the covid-19 pandemic, I decided to create my own with Excel and Photoshop. Tennessee Volunteers are known for sharing and helping others, so here you go. Keep praying for our communities. Keep helping your neighbors. Keep using common sense to reduce panic and promote health.  I’ll endeavor to update the map & graph daily on my website  Let me know how I can pray for you.  In Him, Topher Wiles

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