Here are a few of the photos that have come through my lens.
Christopher and Ashley have shot these photos with a Nikon D3000 & D5300.

Baseball Senior Night & Motivation - May 2018

Prom Outdoor Photo April 2018

Under the Lights - White County Baseball - March 2018

Baseball Team Practice - March 2018

Dec 2017, impromptu shoot on the side of the road using car
headlights, reflector, and fairy lights. 

Nov 2017, impromptu shoot at Walmart parking lot
using headlights. 

Quick shot of Clara at Eastside Park in Washington, IN.
Spring 2017

Easy shoot in the middle of the living room!  4/6/17

Wiles family photo!

Loogootee Homeschool Student
Micah notices his sister isn't cooperating!

Loogootee homeschool student

Snowflakes on my trash can lid. 

Homeschool student.

A cross at Spring Mill Bible Camp.

Our favorite oak tree on a snowy day in Cottontown, TN.

A snowy day on the farm in Cottontown, TN.

A ferris wheel in Gabriel's eye.

Fireworks in Washington, IN.
Fireworks in Washington, IN.
A snow flake on a red blanket in Smyrna, TN.

Gabriel and Ethan on the family farm in Cottontown, TN.

Ethan is growing like a weed. 

Ethan loves to play catch!

Young man in Guajire, Honduras.
Meteors and stars from Wheatland, IN.