Here are a few of the photos that have come through my lens.
Christopher and Ashley have shot these photos with a Nikon D3000 & D5300.

Quick shot of Clara at Eastside Park in Washington, IN.
Spring 2017

Easy shoot in the middle of the living room!  4/6/17

Wiles family photo!

Loogootee Homeschool Student
Micah notices his sister isn't cooperating!

Loogootee homeschool student

Snowflakes on my trash can lid. 

Homeschool student.

A cross at Spring Mill Bible Camp.

Our favorite oak tree on a snowy day in Cottontown, TN.

A snowy day on the farm in Cottontown, TN.

A ferris wheel in Gabriel's eye.

Fireworks in Washington, IN.
Fireworks in Washington, IN.
A snow flake on a red blanket in Smyrna, TN.

Gabriel and Ethan on the family farm in Cottontown, TN.

Ethan is growing like a weed. 

Ethan loves to play catch!

Young man in Guajire, Honduras.
Meteors and stars from Wheatland, IN.