Thursday, July 10, 2014

Delayed Post

Sorry about delayed photos, it's been a busy couple days!  Everyone is still doing great.  No one is sick.  Only minor injuries of hammered thumbs and sprained ankles (not from working though).

More of an update will come before we travel to Guajire on Friday - Sunday. Keep the prayers coming.  Everything is going so well that it can only be attributed to a good God who hears the prayers of our loved ones.  Thank you!
- Topher

Since we are super busy with another house build in a few minutes.  Here's just a few photos from the dump feeding, AFE School, and School for the Blind.

Oh, and it was a very moving moment when the money Gabriel raised from Hustle4Honduras was given to the AFE School.  God is good. Gabriel, good job young man.


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