Here's a brief BIO of the Wiles family updated in January 2023.

   After 6 years of youth ministry and 11 years of preaching ministry, the Wiles expanded their family in October 2022 as they joined with the brothers and sisters of Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville, TN, where Topher serves as Facilities Director.  They've enjoyed 18 years of marriage and God has given them four wonderful children in Gabriel (15), Ethan (13), Micah (9), and Clara (6).
     ChrisTopher has a degree in theology from Lipscomb University with an emphasis in Biblical Languages. By God's grace he also served as principal of the local homeschool cooperative, tennis coach of multiple teams, high school math teacher, and a chaplain at a local hospital. In 2020 & 2021 he was voted "Community Role Model" by the public of White County through the local Expositor Newspaper. His special talents include squeezing as much life as he can into every minute, sparring with three boys at one time without anyone being seriously injured, and bringing adventure to anyone who will join him.
     Ashley holds a degree in social work with a minor in theology from Lipscomb University and worked in geriatric social work prior to the birth of their first child. She now enjoys homemaking and homeschooling. She has been blessed to share her faith in Christ as a speaker at multiple ladies' days and the 2021 Harding University Lectureships.  Her special talents include miraculously feeding unexpected guests without going to the grocery store, doing all sorts of complicated household tasks with one hand while holding a baby, and finding the misplaced objects that no one else can seem to find.
     As a family, the Wiles enjoy playing & coaching tennis, practicing hospitality, reading, Scrabble, chess, caving, and camping.  The Wiles genuinely enjoy people and they look forward to meeting you!