Wednesday, December 12, 2012

May you be blessed on 12-12-12!

So far I haven't seen the end of the world today, but the number twelve is still pretty significant.  From several sources across the net, here's a little bit about 12 in our Bible.


Synaxis Of The Twelve Apostles 01
12. It indicates a kind of totality.
The most obvious example of 12 are the 12 tribes of Israel, mentioned many times throughout the Bible. Revelation incorporates multiple uses of 12. After the Tribulation begins, Christians will have already been Raptured to Heaven to spare them the horrors. 144,000 people, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, will be sealed for God. The New Jerusalem, the city of Heaven, is described as having walls 144 cubits thick, symbolic of the 12 tribes and the 12 Apostles.
The foundations of the walls are made of 12 precious stones. The city is foursquare, with walls 12,000 stadia, or furlongs, long, wide, and high.  There are 3 gates in each side, for 12 total. These are made of single pearls, giving us the phrase “pearly gates.” Inside, the Tree of Life yields 12 different kinds of fruits.
Daniel is also concerned with the time of the end, and Daniel has 12 chapters. Daniel 12:12 states, “Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.” 1 plus 3 plus 3 plus 5 equals 12.
May you be totally (12) committed and blessed in your waiting for God, whether He comes today or in 144,000 days!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jubilee Christmas follow up

What a blast we had with Jubilee Christmas tonight!  Ten families came to share laughs, hugs, and tears with us as we got to know them.  With some we talked of what they could share about God with us and some asked several questions about our beliefs in God.

Here are all of the comments that were written on the evaluation sheets at the end of the night:

  • What does Jubilee Christmas mean to you and your family?  
    • " I love it very much.  Everyone here is so kind and helpful.  These people are truly angels of God!!!!" 
    • "This is the only Christmas our family will receive this year.  We have no income because of losing my job do to injury.  Thank you!"
    • "It means so much to me!  This is my first year attended.  I am very grateful I was given this opportunity."
    • "It's a blessing and a joy to experience the fellowship with other people who believe in Christ.  It's a great thing!"
    • "A lot less stress at a very stressful time."
    • "This was an awesome experience for us to be a part of!!  This took a lot of stress off of us as parents wondering how we were going to be able to buy for our children this year.This has truly been a blessing for us!!  Thank you so much!"
    • "A Lot"
    • "God and being together"
    • "My family is everything to me.  This was very special. Thank you for the  Christmas gifts for my daughter. Merry Christmas." (Translated from Spanish)
    • "We are thankful much for all the gifts and attention given to our family." (Translated from Spanish)
  • Please list any suggests for improvement in Jubilee Christmas.  
    • "Nothing for myself, it was all perfect."
    • "The people who were a part of this were very friendly and made us feel very welcome and not less than for our needing assistance.  They went above and beyond making this a great Christmas for us all!!!"
    • "You are a great help in our time of need."
    • "Very Good"
    • "None"
    • "Perfect"
    • "All is well. Thanks for all are very happy. God bless you." (Translated from Spanish)
    • "It was all good" (Translated from Spanish)