Saturday, January 14, 2017

Skiing in Paoli!

As part of the FFHE Association we enjoyed a homeschool ski day at Paoli Peaks on Monday, January 9th.  Our group (must have at least 15) of twenty five people enjoyed skiing at a greatly discounted rate.  Peaks opened at 10am and we enjoyed it till 5pm.  I didn't take photos on this trip, but I did enjoy running behind Gabriel, Ethan, and our friend Alicia with the cell phone.  Here is a little bit of footage of the three along with a brief cameo of a friend, Steven Walden, who is an excellent skier and just a good guy to have around with his first aid and emergency training as a fireman.   If you want to ski with us on Feb 13th or March 6th, just go to the ffhe website here:

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