Monday, January 16, 2017

From the Good Doctor - Scatter the Dark

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Good morning on a beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.  This is Topher from Washington Church of Christ bringing you a message minute.

As a young man, even though I didn't grow up in church, I can remember being enamored and seriously impressed with the words that Dr. King spoke.  There exists such a power and influence in them so often perfectly balanced with peace and love. 

A quote that particularly catches my attention is the following, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."  The truth encased in this modern proverb is a beautiful summary of what the World's Healer once said in the great Sermon on the Mount, "You are a light of the world."  (Matthew 5:14) 

Let's face it friends, there is enough darkness in the world and all the hate, despair, criticism, complaining, and hopelessness won't be driven out by more of the same.  You are intended to be a light, and what happens to darkness when the light comes?  That's right, darkness flees.  Choose today to honor the great healers of our history  and be a darkness scattering light by being kind in your speech, gentle in your correction, and loving in your action You'll be glad you did.
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