Monday, July 14, 2014

What a Weekend!

What a monumental weekend!  We were blessed to spend three days and two nights in Guajire, a very remote village that is tough to reach, even with a truck, let alone a bus.  It was literally and figuratively a "mountain top" experience for everyone in our group.  When the locals were asked why we were there they said, "To bring us hope from God."  Tears were shed in our departure today.

It's 12:48am at the mission house now and I'm going to hit the hay soon.  I do want to tell all you parents, your teens are amazing.  Their capacity for love and work might astound you.

Some short info.  We built two houses in three days, gave away the 300 bags of food we had made, gave away 150 "princess day" bags to children, played lots of games, "swam" in a waterfall, preached for a church service, sang many songs around a campfire, and learned to love at a higher capacity.  Church service today had 123 kids between the ages of 1 and 10 years old.  I don't even know how many families God brought to this little village church this morning as we overflowed the building.

Everywhere we went, the "gringos" were welcomed and given whatever aid we needed.  You are going to have a lot of stories to hear and maybe even some tears to dry when your young missionaries get home.

Here are just a couple photos before I head to bed.

Our first build in Guajire was dedicated in the memory of Mary Gilstrap,
a wonderful lady and longtime supporter of missions. 

La Cascada! (The Waterfall)

The work crew at our second build site in Guajire.

La Cascada again!

A view outside the church building on Sunday morning.
This place was packed!

Our second annual photograph in this tree.
Honduras Hope 2014

Sharing one of our many campfire moments with Hondurans. 

A moonlight night overlooking Tegucigalpa from Guajire.

Early morning breakfast viewed from the second story of the
dormitory we built last year. 

Two years ago we built a house for Beneranda and her two children Nora &
Jahira.  We've been back to visit her both years since.  This was a shot inside
her two year old house. 

Three house builds across three years can be seen in this photo. 

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