Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Last but not the End

The trip is finished.  I just saw our last team member leave the church building.  After being greeted at the airport by Phyllis Panko, Doug and Abby Sidow, and Allen and Kedra Burris, our group went our separate directions ending with Jaden and I at Steak N Shake in Bedford.  We talked about sweet memories and good times as we enjoyed a final celebratory milk shake.  

I'm at the church building now (3:30am) after seeing Jaden pull off.  I'm expecting a text to let me know when he's home in 12 minutes, then I'll pounce on boys and snuggle in bed with my love at my home.  This was my third trip to Honduras and I have continued to grow deeper in love with the people and our team members.  God gave us and the Hondurans an amazing 9 days.

While we may have said our last goodbyes, this is by no means the end.  Oh no, there is much more to come.  God will cause more changes to occur in the team members as they compare their lives in the states to the experience they shared in Honduras.  God will cause depth in faith as we struggle with questions of equality, poverty, and suffering.   God will cause changes in us as we begin planning to spread the love and truth of Christ next year.  God will bless us with sweet memories as the photos and videos get edited and shared.

Tonight was the last goodbye, but not the end of God's work in us and in Honduras.  Please continue to pray for our team and our Honduran family.

P.S. - Don't forget five very important items.
#1 - Don't flush the TP.
#2 - It's better than hauling rocks.
#3 - Change your underwear daily
#4 - Come'on gringos!
and finally,
#5 - Whatever you do for the least of these, you have done for Jesus. - from Matt 25:40
May God bless you all,

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