Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day One - DONE!

Oh man, what a great day we had!

Three of us slept outside in hammocks last night within our compound.  We all survived the night, the barking dogs, and the cacophony of roosters at 4am.  Five of us went on a 3 and 4 mile run this morning at 6:30am at high altitude and on massive hills.  All that and we still started our first work day smiling like this!

Today Americans joined together to build two houses, run a medical clinic that saw 324 patients, dig the footer of a wall for a local orphanage, pray with Honduran families, and encourage Hondurans in their faith.

Twelve of our group worked primarily on building one house for Juana and Maria Ophelia Rosalas.  Five more of our group worked on a footer for a security wall for the orphanage.  Everyone is tired but still smiling while they are eating dinner right now.  The relationships built today among our team are very evident and I am very grateful for the patience, effort, and care all of our team members gave to each other and the Honduran families.  Here are a few of our photos from the day.  At the end of the trip we will have a whole photo album with all these photos and many more from each day!

From the orphanage

Randy Mixing Concrete

Elmer and Charles Digging a Footer

Mixing Sand into the Concrete

Children are always happy around Dave

Great soccer game!

One of our soccer contenders

The Americans finally score!

From the Build Site
Housebuild GPS Coordinates
13° 58' 46" N, 87° 22' 32.58" W

Click HERE to see a map of where we built today.  And no, it may say 20 minutes for driving on Google Maps, but it took us over an hour this morning!

View on the way to our home build site.

Emma and Paige with a neighbor, Maria and Juana.

All this wood eventually was made into a house!

Mariella hasn't seen too many foreigners, but she came back to visit Sadie and Emma later.

Emma driving nails.

No day is complete without Topher's balloons!

Chad joins the party!

Ladies are awesome with the flooring.

Action photo

Putting on the roof!

Ryan, Bryan, and Topher improvise for the lack of ladder.
Steven Walden, Topher misses you!

Randy represents Circleback Church who sponsored this home build. 

Candid of Emma sweeping the front door. 

The build crew with Juana & Maria in the middle. 

These ladies were made two beds, given mattresses, and given blankets made
by Mitchell Church of Christ.

Happy for blankets and a home!

God bless this home.
Constructed thanks to the generosity of
Circleback Church
Circleback, TX USA - 2014
But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

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