Monday, July 7, 2014

Chillaxin en el aeropuerto.

Everything has gone great so far!  Our gracious chaeuffers got us safely to the airport.  Delta airlines was very fast and efficient in handling our group.  Due to the presense of a bomb sniffing dog that we have named "Stern", we didn't have to take our shoes off when going through security check!

Our only casualty thus far was Charles' peanut butter and jelly from his backpack.  Some security worker is going to have a fine lunch this afternoon.

Seriously, it's all gone very smooth and faster than usual and we thank God for that.  We're excitedly waiting at our gate now for our trip to Atlanta to meet up with four more from our crew!  We'll update you from Atlanta.
Luke & Jaden hangin out.

Charles grabs a bite.

The ladies are ready to go!

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