Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday Build - A New Record!

It was a great build for Regina Sandres, her family, and her three children.  Regina stayed at the jobsite and helped us as we went, although it didn't take long!  This is one of those instances where everything went right!  Dios le bendiga!

Fountain Head Church of Christ in Portland, TN sponsored this build.  As their representative today, Bryan Cox took extra time with the new owner and he lead the house dedication with song and prayer.

The gps coordinates for Regina, Kimberly, Balleny, and Anderson Sandres are:
13° 55' 37.76" N, 87° 16' 22.25" W
Click the coordinates or the photo to be taken to a Google Map.

Here are the photos from Topher's camera for the build site.  More photos will come later of the rest of the team's adventures.

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