Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hospitals, Children Homes, Houses, Oh My! #1

Here's your quick update before you all go to sleep.  We are two hours behind our eastern time friends, so we're just sitting down to dinner now, and oh how good the pork, tortillas, vegetables and mashed potatoes are!

We had a group head to the hospital in Tegucigalpa today to talk with parents, play with kids, and bring a ray of sunshine to this place.  Access to patients is a lot easier in Honduras than in America, and our team got to go straight into see those in the orthopedic and cancer wards.  It was a moving and eye opening experience.

We had another group work on the wall at the children's home.  Those five did a lot of back breaking work on this security wall, but they rocked it out!

We had our final group work on another house build for a sweet little lady and her three children.  This one was close in Santa Anna (2 miles away).  We unintentionally set the record for the fastest house build this summer!  Our 18'x18' house was erected in a mere 4 hours and 31 minutes!  We were all shocked as we reflected on a day that nearly everything went perfectly right and according to plan!  Our team was a cohesive moving unit that completely gelled in the build.  Pictures to come later!

Finally, we finished early so many of the team came back to the mission house and loaded 300 bags of food with rice, sugar, spaghetti, and a lot more stuff.

I'm off to get some food.  The longer post with photos will come later.  Thanks again for all your prayers.  We have truly been blessed here!

One photo just for fun!
We even had time to play a serious game of spoons today!

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