Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wait A Day, It Will Change!

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Good morning, this is Topher, from Washington Church of Christ, bringing you a positive Message Minute.

There is a saying that I enjoy as I meet people from Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.  I think each state believes this statement to be unique to their geographic location, but in our region it is true none-the-less.  Here it is, "If you don't like the weather here, just wait a day, it will change."  Haven't we seen a strange weather season this year?  From the freedom of shorts to frigid freezing weather, our atmospheric conditions are riding a roller coaster at our expense.  I even saw the forecast for 64 degrees on Thursday and 26 degrees on Friday this week.  What a difference a day will make.

Yet, I think the truth in our statement lies less in the changing weather, but more in patience promoted.  Rather than complain and whine about our current situation in weather or in life, the wisdom of "wait a day, it will change" would do us all a lot of good.  Paul says it this way in Romans 8:25, "If we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience."  If you are hoping for something better to come in the weather or in life, cut out the grumbling about the current situation and wait for better things with patience.  You'll be glad you did. 
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