Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Honduras Agenda

If there's one thing I've learned about Honduras, it is that "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry."

Well, here's our plan anyway!
  • Arrive at Airport
  • Visit supermarket to buy supplies
  • Visit Hospital children if time allows
  • Get settled in at Baxter Institute
  • Sleep at Baxter
  • Drive to Guajire to Build a House
  • Sleep in Guajire
  • Guajire to Build a House
  • Sleep in Guajire
  • Pack to arrive at Mission House
  • Visit Supermarket for any needed supplies
  • Spend afternoon visiting Breaking Chains Ministry
  • Spend Evening feeding Homeless with Breaking Chains Ministry
  • Sleep in Baxter
  • Visit the Dump, AFE School, and School for the Blind
  • Sleep in Baxter
  • Drive to Guajire to Build a House
  • Sleep in Guajire
  • Church Service In Guajire
  • Vacation Bible School in Guajire
  • Take Photos in Guajire
  • Pass out Clothing Supplies to Church in Guajire
  • Sleep in Guajire
  • Dig Hole for a new out house (potentially)
  • Visit the Cascada (waterfall)
  • Drive back to Baxter Institute
  • Visit Hospital if time permits in the evening
  • Have Photos One Hour Printed in Tegucigalpa for Guajire
  • Sleep at Baxter Institute
  • Drive to Santa Ana to visit the Casa De Esperansa
  • Souvenier shop at markets in Ojojona
  • Drive Photos for Delivery in Guajire
  • Visit Jesus Statue if we have not already. 
  • Sleep at Baxter
  • Drive to Airport
  • Eat Lunch at Airport
  • Eat Dinner at Airport
  • Arrive in Tennessee/Indiana

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