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Honduras Debriefing: Breaking Chains

Honduras Debriefing: Breaking Chains
By: Christopher Wiles

Rewarding and Surprising.  That was our response to the Breaking Chains Ministry that God exposed us to on the last night of our mission trip.  First, we met at the Breaking Chains children’s home, then we traveled to the downtown streets of Tegucigalpa to feed a meal to homeless and disenfranchised. 

Ministry: Breaking Chains

Years Operating: 6
Location: Tegucigalpa Honduras
Our Primary Contact: Amber Foster
Primary Mission: The ministry's mission is to serve and seek change for those affected by urban poverty in Tegucigalpa by meeting basic needs and developing human relationships that act as a gateway toward a relationship with Christ.

While the photo in this article isn’t one of the highest quality, it does give you an idea of the nature of our activity.  God blessed our members with the opportunity to hand food from the back of a truck to anyone who would come.  The photo depicts Jason, Jalayna, Carla, Sadie, and Jaden serving in a very active way.  Afterwards, we walked within a close proximity to deliver food to any that didn’t realize the truck was there.

For a Tuesday evening in Honduras, the streets were way too busy. The crowd possessed many who were huffing glue in bottles trying to escape the pains of the day.  Yet all were welcoming and treated us kindly.  Teenagers put their glue bottles down to give us a hug.   Snaggle-toothed old men stood tall and smiled as they hugged us and asked for photos. One of our mission team members mentioned, “This was a very rewarding effort, because it is the first activity that really took me out of my comfort zone to love with another human being.”

This great ministry, which now runs a children’s home and builds houses too, started from the humble beginnings in 2009 of serving food from the back of a truck. We’re grateful they have never lost their humble desire to serve.  We look forward to serving with them again in the future.

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’” – Matthew 25:40

You can see all of the trip photos on this site:

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