Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 5 Dump, AFE, School for Blind

This day is always a challenging day. First we went to the dump to feed the residents there. We protect our food with Mark Connell from torch missions. He is a great guide and a big help. The residence of the temper always grateful to see us and it's always a humbling experience for us. We didn't visited the amor de Esperanza school. Many of you help Gabriel raise money for these students last year. The money helps to students go to school and pay their tuition all year long. The school serves primarily the residence of the dump. The ministry looks like it's going well and we look forward to seeing where it goes and years to come. We didn't visited the school for the blind. There are new requirements mean we can't take photos while we're in there. I wish we had some this year, but we did take a recording after asking the director of the kids singing songs to us. It's a humbling experience.

Day 6 is about to begin. We just found out the good news that the valve at the top of the shower turned on the hot water. Jonah just said "there's hot water!?"

Today also begins our final stay in the village of Guajira. Will be building a house today and then prepping for our big day, Sunday. Tomorrow we preach we teach lessons at VBS and we give away food and donations to the church. It's going to be one busy day! Will be out of communications for the next couple of days. We look forward to catching back up with you on Monday morning. Everyone is still very healthy, and we look forward to staying that way. Please pray for that endeavor! As always you can go check my facebook for more public photos.

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