Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More sweet visitors for Micah and snow!

Ashley has been doing remarkably well thanks to the great hospital staff and healing provided by a great God.  Tonight's visitors were just icing on the cake for what has been a great first day for Micah and a great first experience having a baby in Washington.

We embrace in the idea that photographing those who love Micah and recording their care will produce images he will appreciate in years to come as he matures and continues in these relationships.  Some of those visiting may later be his babysitters, Bible teachers, sports coaches, and mentors.  To know that he has meant enough for them to come visit in the snow encourages us and we hope to use it later in Micah's life to encourage him.

Here are a few of our wonderful visitors from tonight (and thanks to Tammy, Caleb, & Scott who didn't  make it in a photo tonight) :
Kylee enjoys some Micah time:

We know who the star of this party is...

Ashley never stopped smiling.

Erika loves this little guy.

Brad is a natural at holding babies.

A wonderful visit from the Tabers.

This big guy loves the newest church member God has placed in his care.  We're so thankful for the elders at our church!

Coy and Brad would have stayed a lot longer!

We felt bad for our nurses.  Around 1am more of the white fluffy stuff was coming down.  By about 3am they said we had 2-3 more inches of snow!  Some of our nurses have been able to brave the weather for shift change and others have had to work over extra hours.  We've been very blessed by great nurses in Sarah, Jeanine, Missy, Maci, Erica, Erin, Lindsay, Desiree, and Sara!

More white fluffy stuff at 3am!

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