Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's in a Name: Bulletin Article Dec 22nd

Living Lessons:  Sunday, December 22nd, 2013  
What’s in a name?  I’m always intrigued by the names people choose for their children.  Some choose
names that bring honor to ancestors; some choose names that have deep substantial meanings; some choose names because they sound good; and some choose them based on a whim (which happens to be how I got my first name).   
We chose Micah William because of the deep meaning and family honor these two names carry.
Micah - This name is a derivative of the Hebrew question, "Who is like the LORD?"  Its purpose is to bring honor to the Lord emphasizing that God has no rival.  Consider its usage in Psalm 113:5.  Micah was also a prophet of the Old Testament who penned some of my favorite verses in Micah 6:6-8.
William - This is a family honoring name that has a meaning of "will protect".  The latter part of Psalm 113 gives praise to God because He protects and provides for the lowly.

As wonderful as these names are, they still don’t compare to another name.  As great as our joy is in announcing Micah’s name to you, it still doesn’t compare to the joy announced with another name. 

“And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus.” – Luke 1:31

“For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name.” – Philippians 2:9

Today, give honor and praise for the name of Jesus!

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