Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Risen of Spring - Living Lessons

By: Christopher Wiles

Homemade snow cream doesn't beat it.  Sledding down the hill at Eastside Park can't top it.  Even as much as I love making snow forts and having bruising snowball war, I still like spring better. Spring has finally sprung.  Regularly people are getting outside to wash our wearied cars.  People have got the mowers sharpened and are already manicuring the rapidly rising grass.  Those 60-70 degree afternoons have returned with their highly anticipated regularity.  Spring has sprung and I love it.

What do you like so much about the spring?  Could it be the deep life affirming green of the grass?  Is it the daffodils and cherry trees blooming in full force?  Could it be the myriad of rabbits and squirrels hopping and playing through our yards already?  No, the best part of spring is the following word.

For me spring is all about the risen.  The foliage has risen rubbing the sleep from its long dormant eyes.  The animals have risen from their dark nests, holes, and burrows.  Neighbors have risen from the isolating fog of long depressive winter moods to greet their community once again.  The sun even seems to be rising with renewed strength, vigor, and warmth every single day. 

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." - Matthew 28:6a

With the growth of grass, the sparrow singing, and the rabbit romping, I am oft reminded of the rising that trumps all risings.  Spring reminds me of our risen Lord and Savior.   No other event has so changed the destiny of creation.  No other act has so baffled the minds of men.  It is the risen Christ that is arguably the most controversial and wonderful historical event of the last two millenniums.

In this one single event I was given life; life that is new, abundant, and fulfilling.    I am grateful for the spring, and the reminder of the Christ that the rising brings.  Yet, the rising doesn’t stop just with Christ.  It’s our turn to finish this meditation by focusing on the command found here:

Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1

If the glory of the Lord has risen upon you, how can you now Arise and Shine for Him?

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