Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Sleeping Babies are Valuable

This morning I attended the DCOAD meeting.  The Daviess County Organizations Active in Disaster was formed after flooding struck our area in 2008 and was a great boon to our community in the aftermath of the 2013 tornado that hit our town.  It's made up of leadership from churches, benevolence groups, nonprofit organizations, the emergency management agency, the housing authority, and more.

At times life can seem burdened with too many meetings.  Balancing time in life between personal priorities and community needs is a challenge.  So why do I attend and participate in leadership and service in so many of those meetings?

EMA Director Paul Goss unintentionally reminded me why I choose to sacrifice time to be a part of community leadership as he was chatting fondly about his grandchildren.  This morning he rose long before his visiting young grandkids and lovingly watched them sleep in a beautiful moment of peace.  He commented on how they don't often wake with anxiety ridden dreams like we do but enjoy sleeping in peace knowing they are well taken care of.   My wife and I love to watch our children sleep too.

I serve in the community because it honors God to use the talents I've been given and it is my duty to be His ambassador.  I also serve because through the meetings and actions of these groups who prepare for and react to community issues my children do get to sleep peacefully at night.  I serve so that my wife and I can lovingly watch Gabriel, Ethan, and Micah enjoying sweet blissful dreams of fun and friends in their church and community without worry and fear.   So many good people serve in this community as the Lord's ambassadors so that all little ones may have the opportunity to lay their heads down in peace at night.

"In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety." - Psalm 4:8

These sweet children are valuable because the provide us with motivation to do the best we can to make our community safer and more prepared through serving God and serving others.

Are you involved in serving the community in ways that benefit it and make it a better and safer place for your family?  Are you interested in getting involved in the community?  I can personally recommend these groups that I am a part of that are actively making our community a better place.

Washington Church of Christ
Daviess County Organizations Active in Disaster
Healthy Homes Committee
Families First Home Educators Coop
Connections / Davies County Partnership
Washington Area Ministerial Association
Daviess Community Hospital Chaplains

There's a lot more out there worth spending your time with.  Shoot me a message if you're looking for ways to help.

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