Saturday, June 28, 2014

Email Newsletter #05 - FAQ's

Honduras Hope Missions 2014

Email Newsletter #05 - FAQ's

Here we are nine days away from hopping on a plane to learn, grow, and be God's ambassadors to a people desperately in need.  In this time I encourage you to devote more time to prayer, study, and fasting as you are getting your physical, emotional, and spiritual bags packed.  To help you along the way, I'm listing a few questions I've received and answers.  Please send any more questions you may have.
1)  How will we communicate with home?
     I'm thinking "Prayer" as I'm singing "This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through..."  Since I know you mean "How do we communicate with family and friends?" Here are a few ways. - I will endeavor to post trip information and photos every couple days on this website.  Tell your family to book mark it or subscribe to an email update from it.  They can unsubscribe later.
     Cell Phone - I'm renting a Honduran cell phone while I'm there and paying for minutes.  The primary purpose is for our team to be able to periodically call home in the evenings.  We'll share it among the 17 in our group.
     Laptop - I'm renting an internet wireless card to go  in my laptop.  In the evenings I'll leave my laptop in the commons area so that some of you can send messages and updates on social media yourselves.
    Coffee Shop - A friend from Tennessee (Byron Sommardahl) owns the coffee shop called "Cafe El Gringo" located a few miles from our mission house.  He gives us the wifi password, and you'll be able to use your own wireless devices on our couple of visits there.
2)  Do we need to bring any tools?
     There's no need for anything other than your own sunglasses/safety glasses, earplugs, work gloves, etc.  Hammers, tape measures, chainsaws, and levels are available there in Honduras.
3)  How will we get around Honduras?
     The mission teams have bus drivers that are paid from our collective work fund.  These bus drivers are pretty amazing at navigating Honduran roads, which is quite an adventure by itself!  The school style bus will be our primary mode of transportation with minivans and trucks also if our team decides to divide and conquer.  It will all be handled for us.
    On a side note, we will be driving through mountainous terrain, please bring medicine for motion sickness if you struggle with mountain travel.
4)  How are we going to spend the night in the village of Guajire?
     Last year we built a two story dormitory behind the church building in Guajire.  The future plan for this dormitory is to use it to keep residents for preacher training camps in this beautiful area.  We will take our mission house mattresses and blankets with us to sleep on in the bunk house.  Men on one level, ladies on the other.
     I personally take my hammock and a small sleeping bag in a compression sack to Honduras.  Since I love backpacking this way, I have very lightweight compact gear.  I slept right outside the dormitory door last year in my hammock, and intend to do the same this year.  If you have that type of gear you are welcome to pack it too.

I'll answer a few more questions in an upcoming email in a couple days.  Be sure to send your questions.  We're getting excited!
Christopher Wiles

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