Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Honduras Missions Indiana Itinerary

For those of you in Indiana, here is a proposed itinerary for our July 7th departure.  Thanks Allen for supplying a van and trailer for us to ride together. For those not in Indiana, I'd like to help you develop a leaving plan as well.  Please give your suggestions and feedback.   
July 7th Itinerary for Indiana Group
2:45am - Load up at Washington Church of Christ (Topher, Jason, Jaden, Elmer, Emma, Luke)
3:00am - Leave Washington Church of Christ
3:55am - Meet with Dan Kerr, Erin Deckard, and Allen Burris at Kmart in Bedford, IN
4:00am - Leave Bedford, IN
5:10am - Arrive at airport, say goodbye to Allen
6:40am - Be at gate to begin boarding flight Delta 1575
7:10am - Fly out of Indy
8:49am - Land in Atlanta
9:20am - Meet up with Chad Marshall, Emma Woody, Sadie Essig, and Bryan Cox at gate for departure
9:45am - Be at gate to board flight for Tegucigalpa Delta 849
10:15am - Leave for Tegucigalpa
11:52am - Land in Teguc to meet up with group(5) from Levelland, TX and eat lunch.

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