Friday, May 18, 2018

Warriors Baseball 2018 Slideshow Video

Here's our highlight video of the Warriors Baseball 2018 season. You can watch it on Youtube or Vimeo (if you don't like ads, thanks Central Church of Christ).
The video begins a little calmer to give senior photos a bit of time, then at the 3 minute mark it really picks up it's pace. Enjoy!
0:14 - Seniors
3:06 - Sunglasses
3:22 - The Fans
3:41 - Team Life
6:02 - Team Photos
6:49 - Coaches
7:15 - Coach Floyd's 100th Win
7:22 - Pitching
8:33 - Fielding
11:05 - Base Running
11:35 - Batting
13:10 - Mental Training

It is also embedded on the Baseball Website homepage.

Baseball families, thank you for the kind gifts and words at the banquet last night. I'm honored to be a part of the Warrior Baseball family. Thanks also for asking me to make the video. It was fun to relive some of these great moments in our season! I hope you enjoy remembering them too.
Here are some of my final thoughts from 2018 season:
1) Don't snort wasabi, not even for $20.
2) If you want some girl's phone number, ask me to help, not Coach JP.
3) It's a great day to play baseball!
4) Remember the 7 P's. Always put People as a Priority over Prestige, Possessions, Properties, Policies, & Politics.
We hope to see you next season!
"I thank my God every time I remember you." - Philippians 1:3