Thursday, December 15, 2016

Serving with Volunteers

Good morning!  Today I'm part of a panel discussion board addressing the challenging topic of nonprofit volunteerism and how to manage volunteers.  For those who desire it, I'm linking a few resources here that are beneficial for those that I am addressing today.

Here's a good overall Volunteerism resource site that is primarily text driven.

This one is similar, but a little more "to the point."  I like it's simplistic interface and I also like some of the extra reading resources it offers.

Here's a third that is sound in structure and instruction just in case the first two didn't float your boat.

Finally, for those of you that aren't text driven, here's a youtube channel that gives great resources and ideas in video format.

Here are a couple of the groups and resources talked about today:

Daviess County Partnership Connections:

Daviess County Historical Society:

Big Volunteerism Ideas from Topher: 
1)  Keep them connected to the larger community vision.  "Without Vision, the People Perish." - Proverbs 29:18 - Remind them of the big picture!
2)  Keep them connected to each other.  Those personal relationships are such a big deal in volunteerism.  Use food, parties, thank yous, etc. to keep people connected to each other.

Thanks for joining me today, I really enjoyed meeting more of you!

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