Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Misfits with Rudolph

Good morning!  This is Topher, wishing you a Merry Christmas from Washington Church of Christ.   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of my favorite Christmas Classic movies just the same as it is for many of you, and we're not alone.  The lovable 1939 creation is #2 in the world on the all time best selling Christmas song  list.  That's not too bad for a shiny nosed misfit reindeer that was originally intended as a marketing device for selling department store goods.  It makes me wonder, "Why do so many of us love Rudolph?"

At the heart of the story is an idea that we are all like Rudolph.  We're all different enough that we have felt at times like a misfit among ordinaries.  We can identify with him who can't play in any reindeer games.  Our hearts break as we remember moments when they laughed and called us names.  We long for a time when we save the day, are appreciated for our quirkiness, and go down in history. 

Here's the good news, this is exactly what God intends in you.  For those who passionately seek & follow God, you've become a misfit among ordinaries.  You seem strange to those around you and you Jesus loving quirkiness is something that makes you a little quirky among others.  Guess what, Jesus intended that from the start of his ministry, and here's even better news, you're not alone.  In gathering his disciples, Jesus created a Motley Crue of 12 close disciples that is ripe with quirky idiosyncrasies, rowdy fishermen, embezzler, tax collector, murderous zealot. This band of misfits worked because Jesus intends misfits to FIT together. 

For those moments that you feel stranger than the world, for those times where you don't seem to fit in, for those times when all your oddities set you apart, just remember, Jesus loves you that way and He's gathering people together just like you to be His church.  Oh, and trust me, you'll go down in history too.  Don't believe me?  Jesus even said it in Luke 10:20a, "But Rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven."

Passionately follow Jesus, faithfully gather as you learn to fit with all the other misfits in Jesus' church, and rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven.  You'll be glad you did!

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