Thursday, September 24, 2015

NACC - Can Bible Camps and Homeschool Groups Be Friends?

NACC - Can Bible Camps and Homeschool Groups Be Friends? 

Today I was given the blessing of speaking to a group of Bible Camp Leaders concerning a possible relationship between the growing Home Educator population and our Bible Camps.  With declining numbers and an encroaching school calendar, is this a conversation worth having? Here are the notes from my conversation today. - National Association of Christian Camps

Thursday, September 24, 2015
  • I organize **Ski Trips for Paoli Indiana.  Yes, I'm in charge of recruiting skiiers within our association on Homeschool Mondays.  That's right, they found that they could offer homeschool days on Mondays to make use of the snow.  I organize 4 homeschool days each winter now and I bring 75+ participants each time.   Paoli will not open unless there is 250 participants.  They have found that there is money in homeschooling.  They also really like our clientele because they believe we leave the facilities cleaner and in nicer shape than many of their other clientele. If Paoli decides homeschoolers are worth pursuing, could it be worth the effort for Bible Camps as well? 

  • **10 Mins - Byron Smith (Gulf Coast Bible Camp) - Establishing the Need

  • 10 minutes homeschool trends
    • **Mount Rushmore
      • Famous Homeschoolers
    • List of Homeschool People

  • **Homeschool Timelines
    • *1840: 55% of children attended primary school while the rest were educated in the home or by tutors.
    • *1852: The "Common School" model became popular and Massachusetts became the first state to pass compulsory attendance law. Once compulsory attendance laws became effective, America eventually relied entirely on public and private schools for educating children. Homeschooling then became something only practiced by extremely rural families, and within Amish communities.
    • 1870: All states had free primary schools.
    • *1900: 34 states had compulsory attendance laws.
    • 1910: 72% of children attended primary school.
    • *1960: Educational reformers started questioning public schooling's methods and results.
    • 1977: "Growing Without Schooling" magazine was published, marking a shift from trying to reform public education to abandoning it.
    • *1980: Homeschooling was illegal in 30 states.
    • 1983: Changes in tax law forced many Christian Schools to close which led to soaring homeschooling rates.
    • *1993: Homeschooling become legal in all 50 states and saw annual growth rates of 15-20%.
  • **Statistics
    • Fastest Growing Form of Education
      • 1999: 850,000 homeschoolers (1.7% of the school-aged population)
      • 2003: 1.1 million homeschoolers (2.2% of the school-aged population)
      • 2007: 1.5 million homeschoolers (2.9% of the school-aged population)
      • 2010: 2.04 million homeschoolers (4% of the school-aged population)
      • From 2007- 2009 home-schoolers increased ate a rate of 7%/year
      • From 2007- 2009 public-schoolers increased at a rate of 1%/year
    • Sept 3rd, 2013
Last week, the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released an eagerly awaited report on the number of homeschool students in the U.S. The report showed that the number of homeschool students has grown by almost 300,000 since the last report in 2007.
This report was first conducted in 1999, when the NCES found that approximately 850,000 students were homeschooled. In 2003, NCES found that this number had grown to 1.1 million. And in 2007, NCES found that 1.5 million students were homeschooled.
The new report concludes that approximately 1,770,000 students are homeschooled in the United States—3.4% of the school-age population. NCES said that among children who were homeschooled, 68 percent are white, 15 percent are Hispanic, 8 percent are black, and 4 percent are Asian or Pacific Islander.

  • **10 Understanding My Situation
    • How I got here
      • Teacher
      • Gabriel - Savant
      • Ethan - Struggles with Dislexia
    • Principal of the homeschool cooperative
      • Organize Ski Trips
    • Board of Directors at SMBC

  • 10 How Camp Benefits Them
    • Extra Curricular
    • Social Time
    • Positive Atmosphere
    • Always looking for learning opportunities

  • 10 How they benefit Camp
    • Fill camp during those tough-to-fill times
    • More revenue?
    • More workers in tough times

  • Resources - How to connect with Homeschoolers
    • Ask at Church -
      • "Do you know anyone home educated?"
    • Contact your governement education department - Indiana says that "Homeschoolers may register on the website". 
    • Do a google search for your state and type the words "home school" to find local associations. 
    • Start small.  Try hosting a PE event that only lasts 2 hours for homeschoolers first.  Ease your way into the relationship. 

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