Friday, September 25, 2015

Air that Spare!

Living Lesson: Air the Spare
by: Christopher Wiles

"A wise son listens to his father's instruction," Proverbs 13:1a.
 Searcy Arkansas, here we come!  I spent a good chunk of Thursday afternoon getting the minivan ready for the 450+ mile trip to Harding University for the upcoming lectureships.  Since I'm scheduled to speak on Monday and pray on Tuesday, it might be wise for me to spend extra time on the van.  Here's my checklist.
  • Change the oil
  • Top off fluids (antifreeze, windshield washer, power steering, transmission, brake)
  • Air up the tires
  • Check the integrity and inflation of the spare tire
That's right, I checked the spare tire.  It took me laying on the ground and sliding underneath the rear of the van, but it was worth it.  The tire was down to 20 lbs. of pressure!  I reflated to 40 lbs. and we were on our way. 

When was the last time you checked your spare tire?  Many people never check it because they've never needed it. I admit, I don't check it as often as my four rolling rims, but I still grace that tire stem with a periodic kiss from the gauge.  You might ask, "Why check the spare? What is the likelihood of a flat?"  Some others might say, "I have AAA, they'll come take care of everything."  Flat tires really happen more than you think.  A UK source states that flat tires account for 10% of all vehicle breakdowns.  Yet that statistic isn't why I check my spare. 

The short answer is because my dad said so.   If there is one thing my dad knew in life above all other things, it is his way around a car.  Being a Chevrolet mechanic gave him the car know-how that few people now have.  If someone with that much intelligence tells you to check your spare tire periodically for air, then you better do it.   Even though I've never used it, even though I have an emergency air pump in the van, even though I have good new tires, I check the spare because my dad told me to.

My young generation lacks the respect for authority and our dads' wisdom that comes from Proverbs 13:1.  We consistently make mistakes that could have easily been avoided by listening to dear old dad.   Today, as you read this, consider the wisdom of Solomon, who urges us to follow in our dads' instructions.  Consider also, the instructions of your Heavenly Father, throughout the Word, as His instruction guides you to eternal life. 

"A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother." - Proverbs 10:1

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