Thursday, January 22, 2015

Covenant Class - Wednesday PM

We are having a great time in the Wednesday evening adult studies New Covenant Class.

The big questions we want to answer are:
1) What happened?
2) When did it happen?

Last week (Jan 14th), we began with a large overview of dispensational theology (study of ages).

Last night we jumped right in the middle with the events unfolding around Christ's death.  Here are links to a couple of the forms I created to help you in class.  I hope they help!

Chart detailing events immediately surrounding Christ's death.
List of 20 prophecies fulfilled on the day of Christ's death.

 Click to view the Tabernacle of Moses.

Click to view the Temple at Jesus' time. 

Homework:  For next week, study up on Jesus' baptism and the beginning of His ministry.   To follow up on our class last night, you might want to read the prophecies in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53.  They are amazing! 

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