Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Things I'm Ready For

A friend asked me for 10 things I'm ready for.  Here are my ten off the top of my head.
10.  I'm ready for the cold to be done.
9.  I'm ready for some good snow for sledding (if the cold isn't going to be done).
8.  I'm ready for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or just a jar of peanut butter, whichever is easier. Oh, and a spoon, or a knife.  Never mind, just peanut butter will do nicely.
7.  I'm ready to go backpacking with Ashley, Gabriel, Ethan, Micah, and church family this year!  Wahoo!  (Micah has learned to walk, don't you think it's time he learned to backpack too?)
6.  I'm ready to preach on Sunday morning. (I know it's only Monday, but I feel good that God blessed me with a strong and funny message from the book of Micah!)
5.  I'm ready to take a "NightScape" photography class.  Anyone want to stay up late with me and photograph the stars?
4.  I'm ready to take my wife for another dinner and a movie type of night.
3.  I'm ready to play some football with friends instead of just hearing about the NFL playoffs.
2.  I'm ready to go to the doctor for something cool, like a football related injury with friends.
and the thing I'm most ready for?
1.  I'm ready, like John in Rev 22:20, for the Lord to come!  Man, heaven's gonna be a great place to be!

What are you ready for?

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