Friday, April 25, 2014

College Exams Conversation

***For all the college students out there studying for finals, here's something I wish someone else would have told me 15 years ago***

From Nathaniel (a student) posting on Facebook, "Hi world, I'm a bit cross at the moment. I currently have an 89 in a class. woo hoo! To bump it up one point I need an 95 on my final, which is all essay, and in this particular class I have yet to get over a B on a writing assignment. However in order to get a B in the class I have to get a 29..... Talk about becoming ridiculously unmotivated."

A reply from me, Christopher,  (former student and former public school teacher) 
     "Since many of my professors are now personal friends, why not consider your essay exam an opportunity to say "thanks for the knowledge" and make them proud of the work they've done in you? Exams don't have to be JUST grade getting devices. Think how encouraged a professor would feel if you scored an honest 97. He/she could say "Yeah, that Nathaniel, he really got it. He understood the material and he showed amazing work ethic. I'm proud of that guy."
      If friendship and honoring the prof aren't good motivators, consider that universities are good places to work. This professor may one day be a dean or a provost or administrator, and you might just want a job. If you knew he/she was a future employer, would you want to be the guy he/she remembers as scoring a 30 because you just didn't care? Would you ever walk into an job interview anything less that giving your best?
      Many of my professors are now my friends and I did work for the university for two years in a full time position. Because of these situations I realize I might have just a bit of a different perspective. Oddly enough, my physics professor performed my wedding ceremony, even though I was a theology major, so don't count out those general education professors either!
     Then there's always the intrinsic motivation from the Lord in Colossians 3:23 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.'

Give it your best Nathanial, I'm rooting for you!"

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