Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love from Honduras, Post #2

Hey my friends and family!  I only have 18 minutes until Cafe El Gringo closes and I lose my internet access so this will be quick!  If you want a bit more, check out

We had a successful day today as we finished off all the three houses we started yesterday.  Families were so grateful and praising the name of God!  (In Spanish of course!).

We're learning a lot of Spanish here being immersed in the culture.  Believe it or not, Steven and Elmer have started speaking simple phrases to me in Spanish rather than English.  (Muy Bueno) It's been so fun!

Every day we have had a different fruit of the spirit to focus on.  We begin thinking about it during the day and wrap every evening devotional up with a thought on it.  Today was focusing on and increasing the "Goodness" in our lives and in the lives in the Hondurans.

To catch you up on things we've done, We've visited the city in the dump, a children's home for the blind, a children's home for the homeless, some really rural communities, and some in the middle of the city (Ask Steven, Drew, and Elmer about the drive to that one!)  We've built 4 houses since being here.  Not much of a break, but it's been great!  I'm going to include a few pictures for you now from Day 2 and Day 3 of our trip.

Ok, I take that back, I can't put up any pictures where I am, I spent all 18 minutes trying to upload one picture!  I'll try hard to get some time in the city where the internet is stronger soon.  We love you all and miss you!  See you soon!
Dios Le Benigdad!

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