Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hola from Honduras! Report 1!

Wow what a culture difference!

Things are so different here some in good ways, some in bad.  From driving, dress styles, and food it is so very different.  And yet some things are the same as well.  A smile, and hand shake, and a hug can still convey so much needed communication that we are still very effective in our mission.

We apologize for not being able to communicate with you more.  We have a lack of internet connection at our compound and in most of the places we work.  Right now I'm sitting in a PopEye's Chicken restaurant sending you this message!

Day 1, Airport day.
This day was great as we bonded together more with friends from Mitchell and met our accompanying group from Baton Rouge Lousiana.  The airplane landing was something else!  We cheered for our pilot when it was all said and done!

Day 2, First workday.
Did you know that running, working, and playing at a high altitude is tough?  I ran 3 miles at 6:30am and thought I wasn't gonna make it!  If you guys didn't know we're way up in the mountains.  About the same height as the top of the Smokeys in Tennessee.  Amazing part of the day?  We built a 3 bedroom has for a family of 6 in about 4.5 hours!  It was 18x18 feet, so the whole thing was smaller than some of our bedrooms in America.  During the build we took time to make balloon animals, color, and sing "Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish with the locals.  While very difficult and taxing, it was wonderful!

Day 3, Dump Day
We visited the Dump today, or rather the city in the Dump.  In a few minutes we're heading to the school of the blind.  I'll have to write more later because I'm almost out of time, but wow, what a shocker.  I have never heard of the poorest in America living and surviving like these people do.  There's a whole city in the dump itself.

We're all doing well, and we feel very confident that God is using us to share and spread good things.  I will share more later in the week when I have a little more time with the internet!

One phrase for you to learn,

"Dios le benigdad!" means "God bless you!"

Oh, for more pictures, go look at Allen Burris's blog at:

Dios Le Benigdad!

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