Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Daviess County Courthouse Singers

We enjoyed the sweet Acapella spirituals that Vicki Bubalo and her talented vocalists brought to our community.  I'll be storing on this blogpost links to photos and videos that I recorded from the Daviess County Courthouse Singers performance of September 13th, 2016.  Feel free to share this link with others as I continue to add the full compliment of photos and videos.
Director - Vicki Bubalo
Daviess County Courthouse Singers

1)  Alleluiah by Mark Hayes

2) Kawouno Wan Gi Pi by Brian Tate

3) Little David, Play On Your Harp

4) Bring Me Water Little Sylvie by Kirby Shaw

5) Wade in the Water by Sally Albrecht

6) Ain't Judgin' No Man by John Parker & Greg Gilpin

The Wiles family is going camping today.  I'll upload the other 3 songs next week when we return.  Enjoy!

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