Friday, October 2, 2015

Coming Home - Message Minute

Good morning!  This Topher from Washington Church of Christ, where I am happy to be recording now.

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You're struggling to stay awake.  It's been 14 miles since the last lonely exit.  That quiet stretch of I-69 has taken its toll and you're fighting to keep your wheels between the blurring white and yellow lines. Suddenly your heart leaps with joy at the sign that says "Next Exit, 1 Mile, Washington Indiana.” 

There's something special about arriving home from a long road trip.  For Ashley and me, we did enjoy this last road trip seeing family, visiting friends, and sharing our faith, but we were really grateful to finally lay down in our own room at home. 

In John 14, Jesus excited the disciples when telling them they were almost home by saying, "In My Father's house are many rooms ... and I am going to prepare a room for you."  (excerpt from 14:2).

Sometimes the journey through this life is hard, fraught with trials and struggles.  But if you read and believe the Good News written of Jesus Christ in the  Bible, you begin to see a joyous sign that tells you, "You're almost home." 

Believe in God, follow His Word, and look forward to finally arriving at Home! 

Message Minutes are sponsored by  Washington Church of Christ and recorded for the public 107.9 The Memories WAMW morning radio program.  They air at approximately 7:35am on Weekday Mornings.

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