Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day Message Minute

Good morning, this is Topher, from Washington Church of Christ bringing you your message minute.

Father's Day is starting to weigh on our hearts and minds.  What gift do you give Sunday for that guy that has been so steady, so consistent, so helpful, and so dependable?

I struggled for years with what to give my dad because if there was anything he ever needed, he would just go out and buy it.  My gift options always seemed superfluous and completely unworthy of the appreciation I had for my dad. 

Then I remembered the sad dad lyrics from the hit song, "Cats in the Cradle" when he sang, "When you coming home son?  I don't know when.  We'll get together then."

As a dad to three boys now, what I want most is just an afternoon to spend with them.  I want time to reflect on how all my blood sweat and tears for them has benefited their lives.  I want to be reminded why I should rejoice in my children. 

Solomon spoke this way about dads in Proverbs 23:24   "The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him."

This year, don't stress about what to buy that man you love and appreciate.  Just spend time with him letting dad know how he's made you a wiser, more appreciative child.  It's a simple thing to do, and you'll both be glad you did.

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