Friday, December 12, 2014

Garmin Athletic Watch Suggestions Under $150

Garmin Forerunner 15

Recently someone asked me to suggest a GPS watch for her husband for Christmas with an upper budget limit of $150.  I thought I'd post it here in case any of my friends had the same requests.

If you are wanting to go brand new,  the Forerunner15 is a good cost effective garmin. It's actually reviewed better than the Garmin 110 I own. It retails on the garmin website at $139, which is surprising for how much this little guy packs.

Here's the link to buy it on the website:
The Review looks great on this one: Here is a tech review -
Oh, and it's water proof to 50 meters. That's good news for mudrunners too. It's also syncable with the optional heart rate monitor, which I have used in my training.

I actually can't find it any cheaper anywhere else, which means Garmin is really slashing the price for the holiday.
Forerunner 10
price range. There is also the predecessor in the Forerunner 10. I haven't owned that one either. It came out two years ago (2012) and seems to get decent reviews as an entry level watch. You can easily get a new one for under $100.

Forerunner 310xt for $139!
This little guy is waterproof too. Plenty of places to buy here:

Now, there are Garmins that have a lot more information on the screen. I have an older version on these too. It is nice to have more data on the screen when I run, but the watch is a lot bigger, which is tough to get used to for someone new in the running/GPS game.

The Forerunner 310xt is what many of my friends own. This guy is a multisport power house, but a little bit bulkier. On the garmin website it is $249 and up. I have an older version of this watch that I enjoy a lot.  The battery has just gone dead on mine.  It's from 2005, someone gave it to me after they upgraded.

It gets good reviews as well. And it's water resistant to 50meters as well. I found it here for $140. I don't think anyone else but Ebay has it at that price. It's also got free shipping. So this guy looks great.

If I was buying for me, and I wanted to upgrade watches, I would go for the 310xt.

I've looked at some other brands and some other styles of fitness tracking, but Garmin is still the #1 choice for runners and serious athletes.

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