Friday, September 19, 2014

Living Lessons: Priceless Thoughts

Living Lessons:  Priceless Thoughts
By: Christopher Wiles
Every time I get Micah out of his crib from a long night's sleep or nap, he gives me a smile.  I love that two-toothed grin that opens up as wide as the day is long. There are so many things that I love about all my children and I've often spent time in my head and effort in my hand remembering and recording them.

I love Micah's energy as he's bouncing up and down on his crib mattress.  I love how he plays the bashful game and hides his face sometimes when he sees me.  I love how he tugs on my pant legs wanting to be held high so he can see the world.  I love his blue eyes and blond hair which are signature marks the he is our child.  I love teaching him new things like how to wave and say "Hi".  I love how strong and healthy he is as we put on his 24month clothes at only 9 months of age.  I love how he frequently listens when I tell him "No" pulling back his hand from forbidden objects.

I love the beautiful baby he was.  I love the budding toddler that he is.  I love man that he will one day become.

I don't have to think long and hard to enjoy priceless thoughts about any of my children.  They come easy to a dad here on earth.  I'll wager they come even easier to our Father in heaven.

Read this passage from Psalm 139:17-18a (NIrV) with a new purpose today.  "God, your thoughts about me are priceless.  No one can possibly add them all up.  If I could count them, they would be more than the grains of sand."  As many priceless thoughts as I have about my children, your Father in heaven has a million times more about you.

Take comfort in knowing you do have a father who loves you, knows you, and cares for you today.

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