Tuesday, May 24, 2016

In-Law Outlaws

Good morning, it's Topher, back with another message minute. 

School has ended and the season of family vacations has begun!  Yet you may find yourself wondering, "Why do I ever pay money in travel to visit people that irritate me?"  So traveling with family and to family isn't always everyone's favorite moment.  I get it, they talk different than you, they believe different than you, they even go fishing different than you, that's the worst.  By the end of a trip you view your in-laws as out-laws! 

For a positive family experience, take a page from Paul's book of "How-To-Get-Along" in Romans 12.  The church in Rome struggled with two different groups of the Christian family who were different theologically, traditionally, and probably had different accents, so he gives them this nugget of principle in verse 18 "If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all people." 

I know, it says, "if it is possible".  What you and I should focus on is the "as much as depends on you" part.  All you can control is you, not anyone else.  In verse 10 Paul gives the nuts and bolts to change our attitude to live peaceably saying, "give honor and preference to one another."   That's right, treat that in-law outlaw as someone of honor, more important than yourself.  Consider them worth your effort at peace and you'll have a visit at peace with them, as much as it depends on you.  

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